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SAUNO company is world leader in design, development and manufacturing impact engraving machines. We have been selling engraving machines for more than 15 years. We have customers worldwide. Many stone engraving workshops have five, ten or more SAUNO machines.


Why is SAUNO?


1. SAUNO machine provides high quality etching. It's fast, reliable and simple in use and maintenance.

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2. We have wide range of machines. We have working area size from 30 x 40cm (11.8 x 15.7") to 100 x 200cm (39 x 78"). Machines are always in stock.

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3. SAUNO machine uses simple and perfect technology of impact etching designed by SAUNO. SAUNO is not only seller but also development and design company. We have international patents for etching control methods and algorithm and design.


4. Modern technologies. Affordable prices.

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5. Full range of services for our customers.

- Expandable tools - engraving needles. SAUNO is needles manufacturer.
- Resharping used needles.
- Training courses. Free of charge when you buy the machine.
- Warranty and after-sales service. Repairs and spare parts.
- Upgrading machines to modern models.
- Retouch image online. Our artists improve your original picture to make it ready-to-etch.
- Online picture shop.

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