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"Graphic-3KP" engraving machine

"Graphic-3KP" is automatic PC-controlled impact etching machine. It makes halftone photorealistic image on stone, glass, metal or plastic using hard-tipped engraving needle. The machine is lightweight, mobile and simple in use.

Watch video how the machine is etching on stone...
Compare impact engraving with handwork, laser and sandblast...

Choose working area:

30х40 cm – small size, light weight, works like bigger ones

40х60 cm – perfect both for small plate and for monument

60х90 cm – one's setup on monument no need to shift

60х135см – universal machine for all purpose

  • You can use small machine to engrave large images. See "Samples on monuments"...

    SAUNO machine details
    - Full automatic 3-axis machine with minimal manual adjustments.
    - Wide range of working area.
    - High precision ball screw spindle drives with dust protection.
    - Working head with magnetic suspension. No springs, high stability.
    - Compact and mobile. Easy to move and setup. 
    - No need to fix the machine on monument. Simply put it on stone.
    - No need to manual adjustment for stone plates with different thickness.
    - Advanced options. Working on ovals and complex shapes.
    - Digital level sensor. No need to adjust level on work piece.
    - Automatically checks if working head is out of work piece.
    - Automatic working gap setting. No need to adjust if change engraving needle.
    - Different operation modes for any kind of stone.
    - Impact pressure adjustment while engraving.
    - Wide resolutions range.
    - One to four passes on line.
    - Automatic second pass. You can set different modes for first and second pass.
    - Engraving individually selected halftones.
    - Materials list. You can save and choose parameters for different kinds of stone.
    - High speed.
    - Part by part engraving mode for composite pictures to reduce working time.
    - Simple USB connection to your PC. You can operate more than one machine with one computer.
    - Working with any PC with Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8.
    - Working time preliminary estimation.
    - Adjust picture size and position on stone on screen.
    - Automatically save and resume engraving if power failure (need UPS).
    - Preview the result of engraving on stone with software.
    - Needle tip check.
    Engraving samples

    - See more samples...
    How to setup on stone

    a) Put machine on top for big monument.

    b) Use removable legs.

    c) Small plate. No need to fix.

    How it works

    1. Scan original picture.

    2. Improve image in image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. You can use SAUNO online retouching center.

    3. Copy image to Engrave machine control software. Set image size and engraving mode.

    4. Press "Start" button to begin engraving.


    Delivery set

    1. The machine.

    2. Installation CD including control software, user's manual and set of ready-to-etch images.

    3. Engraving needles.

    4. Adjustable legs.

    Computer and scanner do not include to delivery. You can use any PC with Windows XP or later.


    Engraving tool

    The only expandable tool is engraving needle. Needle lifetime is about 10..20 images with size approx. 10x12". We have sharpening service for used needles. The needle allows four times sharpen and more.

    About engraving needles...
    Working time

    Depends on image size and resolution. For example engraving time is 30..60 minutes for the portrait on 12x15" stone plate.

    Reasonable prices

    Our prices include training and warranty. Ask for price:

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