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Image retouch service

Many pictures are really need to improve before engraving. Improving or retouching is very important to achieve good result on stone.
We can retouch images online for you. Scan original picture and send it by e-mail to SAUNO retouch service. Our artists will improve picture and send it back in a few hours. You can see sample images before and after retouching on this page. 

SAUNO artists can change coat on a portrait if needed. They can remove scratches and make picture clear and sharp. You can ask to make layout design on a monument including landscape, signs, frame, candle and so on. You can find images in our online picture shop for your layout. 
If you are a business owner you can save your money. You can no need to take on professional artist. You only need a person to operate the machine. Operating the machine is very simple.









How to do

- Scan original picture using your scanner. It's better to use 600 dpi resolution and grayscale palette.

- Save your image as ".JPG" format. It's good for the portrait if file size is about 300..500 KByte. If image is too big you can reduce size using image editing software.

- Send picture by e-mail You can specify in your letter if you require special service like making layout or changing coat.


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