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Engraving needles

Contact us to buy new engraving needles or sharpen used ones:



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Engraving needles


- Engraving needle is only one consumable tool for SAUNO machine.
- The needle tip is hard synthetic diamond.
- Needle lifetime is about 10..20 images with size approx. 10x12". 
- Needle allows four times and more sharpen
. You can send us used needles to sharpen.





Sharpen used needles

We can sharpen used needles for you. Sharpening increases needle lifetime and saves your money.


- We can sharpen tip shape like cone or pyramid.


- The amount of sharpen depends on tip size and quality. SAUNO needle allows four times sharpen and more.


- We use high precision grinding machines to remove less material while sharpening and save tip for future use.



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