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SAUNO engraving machine advantages

SAUNO engraving machine uses computer based impact etching technology. What is the advantage of impact etching compare to other etching techniques like the following:

- Hand etching
- Laser engraving machine
- Sandblast

Impact engraving machine vs. hand etching

In hand etching artist makes etching on stone using single needle or bunch of needles. This work is time consuming. Hand engraving needs highly qualified artist and not good for one's health.

Hand etching 
Impact machine etching

Time to make portrait is one day or more.

Time to make portrait is about one hour.

Human artist needs to sleep.
Machine works day and night. You need only start engraving and go to do other things.
Texture clothing and other small details are hard to do manually. Small details are not a problem for machine.
Artist makes every next picture anew. Even if it's the same picture. You need to retouch picture once. Then you can replicate thousands copies with different sizes with no additional time to retouch.
When artist is engraving human portrait it is very important to make it most similar to original. Machine engraving guarantees to make engraving the same as original.
Long time hand working in rigid position is not good for health. No health problem.

Many hand artists tell after purchasing engraving machine that they became less tired and began to earn more.


Impact engraving vs. laser machine

- Different technologies. Laser machine burns image by laser beam pulses. Impact machine etches image by hard tipped needle like a human artist but much faster.

- Deepness. Halftone picture engraving is deeper for impact machine. It's important to make engraving for outdoor use like for monument builders.

- Working on stone with non-uniform structure. Most of the stone using for monuments has non-uniform structure. This is not absolute black stone. SAUNO impact engraving machine is good working for all kind of stone including not absolute black.
See engraving samples...

- Mobility. Generally laser machine is stationary. Impact machine is mobile. It's easy to setup impact machine directly to the monument.

- Work piece leveling. SAUNO impact etching machine has built-in level sensor that is automatically monitors level when engraving. So you don't need set level before engraving for SAUNO machine.

- Cost of purchase. SAUNO machine is more cheaper than laser machine.

- Cost of service. Laser tube is consumable part. It needs to operate accurately and sometimes adjustment and replacement. In impact etching machine the only consumable part is engraving needle.  It cost is about $30 and it can make dozens pictures.


Impact machine advantages are deep impact, good quality for non absolute black non-uniform stone. Impact machine is compact, light weight, mobile and cheaper than laser machine.


Impact engraving vs. sandblast

Sandblast engraving has several stages. First you make stencil on cutting plotter. Next you need to stick stencil on monument. Then operator blows a sand with air compressor in a special chamber.

 Sandblast picture is black and white  Impact etching is halftone
See more engraving samples...

Halftone etching. Sandblast etching is black and white. Impact machine etching is halftone (see figures above). Halftone etching for sandblast is possible but complex and has limitations.

Making small details. Very small detail is not a problem for engraving machine. For engraving machine working time is not depends on image details size. For sandblast more time is needed to make stencil with many tiny details and stick it to the stone plate.

Sign engraving. Engraving machine can make not only black and white symbols but artistic letters with shadows and complex patterns.

Consumable material. For etching machine is only engraving needle. For sandblast is film for stencil and a sand. Nozzle for sand jet is also replaceable part.

Additional equipment. It's only computer for the engraving machine. But for the sandblast you need computer, cutting plotter and sandblast equipment including air compressor and chamber.


Engraving machine needs less operations than sandblast (see the table).

SAUNO engraving machine
Prepare image on computer. Prepare image on computer.
Cut stencil for sandblast on cutting plotter.
Stick stencil on stone surface.
Setup the machine on stone. Specify picture size and start to engrave.
Blow sand in a chamber. It's manual operation.

Engraving machine can make halftone images. Engraving machine needs less additional equipment and consumable materials. Machining needs less manual operations than sandblast.


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